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DEE BELL/Love for Sailin’ Over Seas-then & Now:  Originally intended to be an ep just to remind people of Bell, the powers that be decided they might as well round up key tracks from her last three albums and give them a fresh reairing. 
The Indiana vocal jazzbo that took to the west coast and made it her own has been the voice of serious jazzbos for years and still has what it takes to set the hairs on jazz vocal fans ears on fire.  A gal that knows how to take a well worn tent pole and not beat it to death, she a real tonic for the ears and nerves.  Well done.
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Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine - CD Reviews
Title - Love for Sailin’ Over Seas: Then & Now
Artist - Dee Bell

For those unaware,
Dee Bell’s upcoming new album Love for Sailin’ Over Seas | Then & Now was actually intended as a 2-song digital release of Abbey Lincoln’s I Got Thunder [And It Rings], and Al Dubin and Harry Warren’s I’ll String Along with You.
Instead, favorites from the last three Bell CDs were remastered and added to make a full CD to compliment this Now side of the release.

Indeed, Abbey’s lyrics “I’ve got love for climbin’ mountains, love for sailin’ over seas” informed the title, whereas Then & Now speaks for itself.
Furthermore, Marcos Silva has written some quite brilliant arrangements based on Dee’s ideas, and assembled a crew of Brazilian music experts, including Romero Lubambo for the special guitar arrangements.

Romero gave these two new recordings his ultimate joy, perfection, and mastery, and provided an inspirational thrill for all, of that you can be well assured.

This quite opulently beautiful new album opens on the joyous I Got Thunder (And It Rings) and the dulcetly adorned I’ll String Along with You and backs those up seamlessly with the funky Harvest Moon, the gentle rhythms of Beijo Partido (Broken Kiss) and then comes the mid-tempo hipsway of You’re My Thrill.
Next up is the laid back By Chance [Acaso] and the pleasing dancefloor swirl of Boa Nova, which are in turn followed by the exuberantly rich You Can’t Go Home Again, the album rounding out on the flourish of Watch What Happens, coming to a close on the flirtatious melodies and rhythms of The Face I Love.

A dusky vocalist whose warm sound evokes the breezy sophistication of 1950s West Coast jazz, Dee Bell first came to the public’s attention with her 1982 debut, Let There Be Love, featuring legendary saxophonist Stan Getz.

A regular presence in the Bay Area, Bell spent several years away from performing before returning to consistent work in the 2010s.

In 2014, she debuted her ongoing collaboration with Brazilian pianist Marcos Silva on Silva Bell Elation.
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