Let There Be Love
Concord Jazz — CJ 206
Stan Getz, Eddie Duran,
Al Plank, Vince Lateano, Dean Reilly, Rob Fisher,
James Leary, Willie T. Colon, Chuck Bennett,
Cal Lewiston, Charlie McCarthy, Jr

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One By One
Concord Jazz — CJ 271
Tom Harrell, Eddie Duran, Al Plank, Dean Reilly, Vince Lateano

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Sagacious Grace
Laser Records — LR 078
Houston Person, Al Plank, John Stowell,
Colin Bailey, John Wiitala

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Silva • Bell • Elation
Laser Records — LR 0716
Marcos Silva, Andy Narell, Barry Finnerty,
Scott Thompson, Phil Thompson, Chris Sullivan

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Lins, Lennox, & Life
Laser Records — LR 0721
Marcos Silva, Erik Jekabson,
Tyler Harlow, Zack Mondlick

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Love for Sailin’ Over Seas |
Then & Now
Laser Records — LR 0740
COMING 3 January 2022

Marcos Silva, Romero Lubambo,
Scott Thompson, Celso Alberti

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